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:: What is a Provost? ::

What is a provost

The Provost at Cal Poly is the chief academic officer of the University, and is responsible to the President for the formulation and implementation of academic plans, policies, priorities, and for the allocation of resources to carry these matters forward.

Each of Cal Poly’s six academic college deans report to the Provost, as do the Deans of the University Library, Research and Graduate Programs, and Cal Poly Continuing Education. In addition, the Provost has a number of offices that report to her including The Office of Programs and Planning, Information Services, Academic Personnel, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Office of the Registrar.

In her role as the Provost, she works closely with the other divisions of the University – Administration and Finance (e.g., the University budget, and capital projects and planning), Student Affairs (e.g., the linkage between the students’ academic life and co-curricular activities, student success, and student progress to degree), and University Advancement (e.g., the campus' fund raising efforts and the University’s vital program of university philanthropy), ensuring the close association of these divisions with Academic Affairs and their relationship with the academic programs and students of the University.


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